Java, XML, SQL, HTML, JavaScript


J2EE, JSF, Richfaces, AJAX, JSP, Struts, Spring, XHTML, Lucene, EJB, Hibernate, Web Services, JAXB, JMS, SEAM, ANT

Application Servers

JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere


MYSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2


SureSource Shelton, CT

Application Architect

Sept 2010 - Present

Summary: Architect for an e-commerce platform which supports numerous large scale web stores including Casio (, Budweiser (, Crayola ( and Hershey (

Projects: Product catalog (product search, parametric navigation); payment processing (credit card, PayPal, Bill Me Later, real time shipping calculations); marketing (email & promotional campaigns), order management (order tracking, returns); customer account management (address book, wish lists); content management system (used by account managers to publish content changes).

Responsibilities: Requirements gathering; design and implement solutions; production support; performance tuning; mentor JR developers.

Technologies: JBoss EAP 4, SEAM 2, JSF 2, AJAX, Richfaces 3, EJB 3, Hibernate, Spring 3 (MVC, Web Services, Data), MYSQL, Lucene, JMS, JBoss web services, RESTful web services, SVN.

Design Patterns: Service Orientated Architecture, Business Delegate, Facade, Singleton, MVC

Staples Stratford, CT

Application Architect

Sept 2005 – Sept 2010

Summary: Architect for a suite of tools designed to compliment a legacy contract furniture order management system.

Projects: Scheduling tool used to schedule furniture deliveries; order document management tool which allowed users to save, manage and print order documents; quoting tool designed to make quoting contract furniture simpler.

Responsibilities: Requirements gathering; design and implement solutions; production support; mentor JR developers.

Technologies: JBoss 4.3, Struts 1, JSP, EJB 2, Oracle, JDBC-ODBC bridge (used to connect Java application to legacy ODBC database), ANT, CVS.

Design Patterns: Service Orientated Architecture, Business Delegate, Facade, Singleton, Decorator, MVC

Mailroom Technology Inc

Shelton, CT

Software Engineer

Oct 2004 – Sept 2005

Summary: Developer for an electronic postage account management application.

Projects: Mail services management and reporting application (package tracking, delivery confirmation, inventory tracking); Portal application that allowed customers to deliver the company’s web content within the framework of their own web applications.

Technologies: JBoss, Tomcat, Struts 1, JSP, EJB 2, Java Cryptography, Oracle, Hibernate 2, ANT, SVN


Vital Works

Ridgefield, CT

Software Engineer

Jan 2004 – Oct 2004

Summary: Developer for the Radiology Information System.

Projects: Managed patient care for Radiology clinics (scheduling, diagnosis, billing and film inventory).

Technologies: Weblogic, Struts 1, JSP, Visual Basic, SQLServer, Multi-threading

Cigna Retirement & Investment Services

Hartford, CT

Software Engineer

June 2003 – January 2004

Summary: Developer for the Electronic Data Transfer application.

Projects: Electronic file transfer by client’s insurance plan administrators containing member information; web application that allowed clients to enter and correct member and claim information.

Technologies: Websphere, Struts 1, JSP, Servlets, Oracle, JMS, ANT

Walker Digital Stamford, CT

Software Engineer

October 2000 – January 2003

        Summary: Lead developer for two projects: Conversion Marketing and Skill Games


  1. Conversion Marketing – Merchant share program which allowed customers to redeem multiple offers by signing up for one or more services.
  2. Skill Games – Customer account maintenance, game development.

        Technologies: Weblogic, Struts 1, JSP, Oracle, Applets, Servlets.

Aetna Middletown, CT

Software Engineer

Feb 1999 – October 2000

Summary: Developer for multiple J2EE applications,  PERL batch shell scripts and DB2 database design.



University of Connecticut, Storrs CT

B.S., Computer Science and Engineering, December 1998